Effective date: September 10, 2011
14228 Galehouse Road
P.O. Box 265
Doylestown, Ohio  44230
Telephone: 330-658-2112
Fax:            330-658-3372
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1.   The cemeteries are open for visitation from sunrise to sunset every day.

2.     Upright grave markers are allowed on any grave within the sections where there are existing upright markers.
 New secions will be flush markers only. 

       One footer per grave, for additional burials may place plaques or engrave names on the existing stone, with the 
 exception of veteran markers.
Grave marker footers must be installed by Chippewa Township

            Footers will be installed at two time periods of the year.

            Once in the spring, with requests made by May 1

            Again in the fall, with request made by August 1

      Weather permitting, the footers will be set in time for marker display on Memorial Day and                                                                                                                 

      Labor Day respectively.

  3.   In keeping with the objective of simple dignity in our cemeteries, no planting of trees, shrubs, bushes,
flowers, or any other plants shall be permitted on the cemetery grounds.

  4.   Wreaths, blankets, plastic flowers, or any other decorations shall be permitted on the cemetery grounds during the week before
and the week after Memorial Day.  Such decorations will be removed and discarded at any mowing or maintenance time.

 5.  Decorations may be placed on upright grave markers as long as the decoration is within the outer perimeter of the grave marker. 
Decorations which protrude outside the outer perimeter of the grave marker will be removed and discarded at each mowing or
maintenance time.

 6.  In the interest of safety, no clay pots, glass containers or sharp wire or metal devices may be placed at the grave at any time.

 7.   One casket and one cremation to be buried on a single plot, or two cremations buried on a single plot.
The cremation shall be buried on top of casket in front of the head stone. 
Cremation urn/vault not to excee eight (8) inches in height.

   8.  Notifications of burials must be at least a 48 hours notice for opening of a grave. 

  9. Only human remains may be buried in Chippewa Township Cemeteries. May place personal belongings in the urns only.
No pets shall be buried at any place in the Cemeteries.

10. The Township, when deemed acceptable, may purchase the lots back from certified deed holders at the purchase price paid by the
original owner.

11. Under no circumstances, are grave owners to remove any lot markers or aluminum pins that are found in the ground.

12. All openings and closings of graves must be done by the employees, or under the direction of Chippewa Township Trustees.

13. Any person who chooses to change markers will pay the cost of the new foundation and material costs for the removal of the
existing marker.

14. The use of bicycles or All Terrain Vehicles is prohibited.

15. The possession of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs in the cemeteries is strictly prohibited.


Fees:                    Township resident    Non-resident   

Single lots                  $250.00                   $450.00                

Double lots                 $500.00                  $900.00                   

Cremation lots            $100.00                  $150.00            


Marker foundations (36 deep - 2 above ground)           

                                 Maximum size     
Single                        30"x14"                 $300.00              

Double                      48"x14"                 $400.00
Veterans marker- $100.00             

Open/close graves - $350.00

Open/close cremation gravesite - $175.00