Chippewa Township Fire Department
464 Gates Street
Doylestown, Ohio  44230

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                                                        A KIND REMINDER TO MOVE RIGHT FOR SIRENS AND LIGHTS
                                                                    Emergency Calls - Call 911
                                                 Fire Station - 330-658-2300
                                                 Non-Emergency Fire Department
                                                 Dispatch Calls - 330-658-2222


                                              Ron Browning, Fire Chief

Concerned about a loved one who may not be able to get to the phone to call 911?
Call the Chippewa Twp. Fire Dept. about the "Seconds Count" 911 Emergency Strobe Light and Panic Button System.  This personal pendent system allows your loved one to call 911 and talk directly to the dispatcher for expedited emergency service.   Along with the call directly to the 911 dispatcher the system activates an emergency strobe light positioned in a street side window so the appropriate emergency service may quickly find the correct house. Check with the fire department for the cost.
The Fire Dept. business phone number is 330-658-2300.  The station is normally manned from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM, Sunday thru Saturday. 

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Call the secretary at 330-658-2112
to order a reflective house number sign.

The Fire Dept. will continue to install the house number signs, weather permitting.

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Weather Warning Siren Information

Test the siren system with full sound at least once a month on the first Saturday of the month at noon.
An actual warning will be a continuous sounding of the sirens for three minutes.  
Upon hearing an actual warning, please turn on your weather radio to determine the reason for the warning and take appropriate action. Most weather warnings warrant taking cover in a tornado type protection. This type of protection is generally in the basement or in a small totally enclosed interior room such as a closet or bath room.  In any case, stay away from windows. 

      New ISO info
- Chippewa Township Fire Department achieves the Class 5 rating for Doylestown. This is a great step for a volunteer fire department. - ISO is the acronym for Insurance Services Office, which is the fire department grading agency for insurance companies. Currently Doylestown is an ISO class 5 for insurance policy rating. The best possible class is class 1; only Cincinnati with the best water supply system will get such a
 classification. The worst possible is a class 10; areas with no fire departments will get this classification. An area with no fire hydrants, but with a fire department will be class 9. Insurance agents have some latitude in classifying a property where there are no fire hydrants, but do have a fire department, if that property is deemed to be close enough to a hydrant and if the fire department has sufficient water carrying capacity. The Chippewa 
Township Fire Department can respond with 5,000 gallons, mutual aid providing many more gallons. We underwent a classification study in December 1999 and the results were gratifying. We expected to maintain our class 5 rating, but were hoping we bettered ourselves to a class 5. We did achieve the Class 5 rating.  This was the result of much work on the part of your volunteer fire department. We have worked since 1985 to achieve this rating with a great deal of that work being done in the last year, tying down all the little nitty gritty items that ISO looks for. We immediately started working toward our next rating review when we expect to improve our rating in the non hydranted areas of the Township. The blue reflective "DRY HYDRANT" signs that are going up in the township are part of that effort to improve the non hydranted area rating. These signs are to direct mutual aid fire departments to the "dry fire hydrants" that have been installed. A "dry hydrant" is a piping connection to a lake, pond, or other water source so that a fire truck may suck water from the water source to transport to a fire scene. We have also 
developed a system of a temporary water piping system from the dry hydrant at Dohner's Lake to the Galehouse Lumber / Trusco area. We also have instituted a more formal inspection program to meet the requirements of ISO. Buildings where people gather, such as schools and churches are on our priority list for a formal inspection. As time moves on all businesses open to the public will receive a formal inspection. Additional personnel on the department have been trained to do this work.


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Notes on calling 9-1-1

After dialing 9-1-1, stay on the line even if you do not hear it ringing, the system has a lot of work to do before the call goes through to the dispatcher (a silent wait of ten (10) seconds is possible before you will hear the line ringing - that's long enough to say the  Lord's Prayer)

After dialing 9-1-1, stay on the line until the dispatcher answers, even if the call was a mistake, the dispatcher must handle each and every call in some manner. If you hang up you may end up with a police officer or a firefighter at your door.

The silent wait allows the system to gather the following information for the dispatcher: 
your telephone number, your address, the name the phone is registered in, the proper Police service for your address, the proper Fire service for your address, and the proper EMS service for your address.

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